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About Us

About Us

Nulife is brought to you by MRK Healthcare, a medical disposable solutions company with a global reputation for products that offer superior protection, with high levels of comfort and performance in over 80 countries around the world.

MRK designs, develops, manufactures and markets a wide range of medical disposables for hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, dental clinics, food industries and even home-care.

Headquartered in Mumbai, India, MRK has manufacturing facilities in four locations in Western India and employs more than 2000 people. Over 300 million medical products bearing the MRK mark are sold every year.

Nulife has been awarded several global certifications including CE under EU MDR 2017/745, GMP (South Korea), ISO 13485:2016 and US FDA 510K, for its product range. This has reinforced the company’s reputation as an industry pioneer.

All in all, MRK is a partner you can trust.

Our Story

Our Vision

We are committed to the care and improvement of human life through high-quality, cost-effective healthcare solutions.

Our Mission

We aim to discover and develop innovative products for the betterment of human health and enhance the quality of life. We want to be recognised for making a positive impact on people's lives with our products.

We strive to achieve an inspiring environment where creativity and effectiveness are encouraged, where people can realise their professional ambitions, where cutting-edge technologies are applied to develop innovative healthcare solutions.

We intend to contribute to society through the positive impact and social benefits of our services.

Our Team

Mahesh Shah
Chairman Emeritus

Mahesh Shah is the former promoter and director of our company. He has a BE (Mechanical) degree with 53 years of experience, primarily in manufacturing and finance.

He loves reading and has a keen interest in astrology.

Kamlesh Shah
Chairman & Managing Director

Kamlesh Shah is a promoter and director of the company. He has a B.Sc (Chemistry) degree and over five decades of experience in production, strategic sourcing, public policies, procurement and product regulatory activities.

Currently, he mentors the senior operational team, helping them take the company to newer heights.

Sneh Shah
Director & Chief Operating Officer

Sneh Shah is a promoter and director of the company. He has a B. Tech in Manufacturing along with an MBA in Technology Management.

He has over 12 years of experience in various management activities and looks after operations, finance, IT, strategic sourcing, domestic and international marketing.

Dhiren Shah
Independent Director

Dhiren Shah began his career as a sub-broker in the equity market. After decades of successful operations in all spheres, he now advises companies on managing their assets and on their growth strategies.

Bharat Shah
Vice President (Operations)

Bharat Shah has been with MRK for more than 43 years. He is a multifaceted person, who has successfully handled multiple assignments: from sales and marketing to export-import and factory production.

Currently, he is in charge of Capex for our expansion plans and also handles operations.

Rupesh Nagda
Vice President
(Strategy & Business Development)

Rupesh Nagda has almost 30 years of experience in the healthcare and IT space.

After obtaining his Biomedical Engineering degree and his MMS in Marketing from NMIMS, he has worked in different roles ranging from frontline sales and service to area sales management, product management, national sales management, commercial management, strategy management and business management.

Gautam Dalal
Vice President
(International Business,
Procurement & Compliance)

Gautam Dalal has over 37 years of experience, including 30 years in international business.

He currently looks after procurement, international business, regulatory affairs and compliance and has been a part of MRK for five years. He has been a dedicated Rotarian since 2003.

Manoharan Krishnamoorthy
Vice President (HR & Operations)

Manoharan Krishnamoorthy is an engineer with several degrees to his name including BE, MA (Political Science), PGD Admin & Labour Law, PGD HRM, GDMM (Materials Management) and DGQA. He retired from the Indian Air Force in 2002, after serving for 20 years.

After working with a few leading Labour Law Consulting Companies in leadership roles, he joined MRK in 2019 as VP-HR & Operations, where he continues to add value to the organisation’s growth.

Ritesh Mistry
Vice President (Supply Chain)

Ritesh Mistry has an MBA in Finance and has rich experience in corporate research, business modelling and valuation. He has 16 years of experience overall, including five years in MRK.

At MRK Healthcare, he looks after production planning, forecasting and day-to-day coordination between the factory and HO.


We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence for us is not an act but a habit. Our success and emergence as a major medical products manufacturer, is based on three pillars:


Since its inception, MRK has been dedicated to continuous improvement in its manufacturing facilities.

Our quest for quality led us to invest heavily in building our in-house capabilities. We source raw materials from the best suppliers globally and complete the entire manufacturing process including QC, sterilisation and packaging in-house.

This quest has led to many firsts to our credit:

  • Sixty years ago, we started using hand dipping technologies.
  • Almost 40 years ago we installed our semi-automatic glove manufacturing line.
  • Twenty-five years ago, we installed our world-class automatic lines.
  • We are India’s first dedicated glove manufacturer to install automatic walleting machines which ensures consistency of packaging of the crucial gloves.
  • We also introduced India's first German Thermoforming machines which deliver Sterisafe Pouches with the highest sterility integrity.

At Nulife, we ensure that our equipment and processes are periodically validated and revalidated through external agencies and auditors.

Research and Development

At Nulife we have an unblemished track record of internally developing world-class products.

In 1980, even before the word ‘Make In India’ was born, we designed and manufactured, in India, three cutting-edge devices : the Foley Balloon Catheter, the Male Incontinence Device (U-Drain) and Penrose.

In 1985 a clinical study was published in the prestigious journal of the Association of Surgeons of India, which confirmed that the quality of our products was comparable to the global brands which were then sold in India.

Today we can proudly state that we have one of the best R&D labs in the industry.

Our Class 100 rooms ensure that we can conduct microbial and bioburden studies with the least external influence.

Currently our third generation gloves: the Nulife Inflexion Series, were developed in our state-of-the- art R&D facilities.

Users have rated the product quality and performance of the Nulife Inflexion Series as comparable to the other global brands available in India.


Our products are used in almost all hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and even in industries like food and pharmaceuticals.

We have invested in state-of-the art distribution centres and processes to ensure our best-in-class range of products reaches all of them.

Currently, we have more than 3000+ channel partners across India who stock and sell Nulife range of products.

Our authorised distributors order products through a cloud-based system which is integrated with the help of our ERP system.

The products are usually despatched within one day of receipt of commercially clear orders.

Our logistics partners provide live data on the status of the goods to our channel partners thanks to a fully integrated IT solution.

Our multi-city, multi-location warehouses have latest measuring and goods movement equipment so as to minimise the turn-around time and also ensure error-free despatches.

All our warehouses are manned by skilled workers who are periodically trained and reskilled to ensure quicker deliveries.