NuRub - Alcoholic Rub-in Hand Disinfectant

Composition: Isopropyl Alcohol IP 45 gm, N-Propanol 30 gm,
Ethyl-hexadecyl-dimethyl Ammonium-ethylsulphate 0.2 gm.

Special Features

  • Contains skin protectors and is non-toxic
  • Recommended for hygienic hand disinfection
  • Behaves like a chemical glove
  • Total protection even in perforated gloves
  • No Stickiness
  • Superior Fragrance

Product Information

Isopropyl Alcohol IP45gm,
N-Propanol 30gm
Ethyl-hexadecyl-dimethyl ammonium-ethylsulphate 0.2gm.
Shall comply with the corresponding labeling specification and customer requirement.
Shelf Life
3 years from the date of manufacture.
Storage condition
Shall be stored in cool dry place and away from direct light, away from acids, oxidizing agents & heat.

ISO 9001 : 2008
ISO 13485 : 2003